The Milky River, Jelení Gallery, with Ivana Hrončeková

I painted a picture titled Milk River
I like that picture because one can enter it (…)
(Agnes Martin)

Photo: Radek Jandera

A House freed from its floors with Zuzana Žabková

Curator: Chiara Vecchiarelli    
Photo: Michal Ureš

Lucie Mičíková and Zuzana Žabková have been working together on a joint project entitled "When the peaks of our sky connect, my house will have a roof" (P. Eluard), in the framework of which constructing an imaginary house becomes a metaphor for their cooperation. The project is gradually changing over time. It became a story of space and architecture - terms of not only physical but also metaphysical meaning. The house is an image, a representation that identifies and defines relationships and situations. House with no floors is a compact space where the hierarchy is deleted.